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Take time during a meal or at some time

Take time during a meal or at some time during the day with your family or partner for each person to offer gratitude for at least one thing. Begin simply by saying, 'Something I'm grateful for is'.' and fill in the blank. Then share as many specific things for which you are grateful as you can think of. You can continue after your first sharing by saying, 'And something else I'm grateful for is'' If you live alone, start a gratitude journal. In that journal, at least once a day, do this very same exercise. Write at the top of the page, 'Something I'm grateful for is'' and fill in the blank with as many things as you can think of. Make it a rule to come up with at least five journal entries per day. This is a great exercise to do at night before bed. 4. Each day spend time being grateful for things you don't yet have but that you desire. Act as if you know they have already manifested in your life. A great time to do this is in the morning and in the evening with your other gratitude prayers. Vocalizing our intentions to manifest things in the future provides a wonderful vehicle for actually having them manifest in our lives. And the best way to allow these wonderful gifts into our experiences lies in affirming that they already are coming to us.






In fact, it's a most powerful exercise to offer gratitude for them as if you were experiencing them right in the moment. For example, you might say, 'I am so grateful for the job I just landed,' 'I am so grateful for the wonderful health I am now experiencing,' or 'I am so enjoying my sleek, trim, body which weighs just 150 pounds.' The more specific you get about these goals and desires, the better. Not only do these invocations make you feel better, because they affirm that what you need or want is coming your way, but they have a way of actually attracting these things into your life. 5. Set you watch to chime on the hour, and when it does, take a deep breath and then look around the room and find something for which to be grateful. Or simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel gratitude for the first thing that comes to mind. 6. Thank others for what they do. Be aware of all that others do for you and around you, and voice your gratitude. This is a way of sharing gratitude and giving thanks'of spreading it around. More often than not, we forget to say, 'thank you,' especially to those we love. Remember to say it to everyone for even the smallest thing'a nice smile, a helping hand, the elevator held open, an opening for you to move into in traffic, a compliment, someone turning in work on time'Just be sure to say thank you more than you feel necessary.

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